Harvest moonshine, 2012

Kawsmouth is now six months old — still cutting its teeth, making inroads and new friends. We’ve enjoyed the exchange of writing, images and ideas so far, and thanks to your efforts and attention, we’re quietly carving out a nice little niche.

Kawsmouth does flow at a slow pace, but we don’t see that as a bad thing. Like a gallery wall that gets scrubbed clean each month and replaced with fresh displays, we prefer a simple, unassuming venue to better offset the colorful creative stylings of our contributors.

As you can see from clicking through past issues, we’re open to and excited about posting a variety of material. You might, however, be wondering where exactly to jump in. If you’ve got an idea or submission, the best thing to do is just send it in to kawsmouth (at) gmail. You can also write in and ask to be added to our monthly email list, which will include site updates, upcoming events, contributor news and any other relevant and interesting information.

The email will also include the proposed theme for the next issue. While writing along specific themes is never mandatory, we would like to get a little more focused about encouraging our contributors to make use of specific themes, topics or exercises. Rather than overwhelm you with a long list to choose from, we’ll be selecting and sending out only one theme each month.

A few other things to keep in mind:

Most everyone so far has included their full legal name, but you’re welcome to use a pen name if it affords you a bit more range and freedom in your writing.

You’re encouraged to send in any pre-formatted, typewritten or handwritten material if you’d like a more customized look for your piece than the standard formatting WordPress allows. We can scan or photograph just about anything. While reading literature online will never be the same as print, printed + handmade items can be especially well represented digitally.

Also, some time in the next month, we’d like to host a reading at a spot I found near the creek where there’s a bit of a natural theater. I had to clear away a couple of tree limbs, but it looks like a good location for a small gathering. We’d like to between four and twelve people to take part. We’ll let you know more details via the aforementioned email list or through our facebook page.

Happy fall, and all the best from Jennifer and me,


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