Dave Coates

Dave Coates studied writing and English literature as an undergraduate at Beloit College, and upon his entry into the professional world, set about never, ever using these skills, having accepted that the world has very little need for another album review and/ or wacky author bio.

Dave has worked as an assistant on the comic strip “Pooch Cafe,” and has gone broke twice trying to work as a freelance illustrator. He has a bunch of other drawings posted here, though he would like to stress that many of the attendant blurbs underneath the works make him sound like a real jerk, and will likely be revised soon to reflect his current disposition, which is much more thoughtful.

He hopes to use his academic specialty and current position as a Digital Features Specialist at Universal Uclick as a means to get a letter published in the “Dog Gone Funny” section of a “Marmaduke” Sunday comic strip. He then hopes to use his newfound notoriety to land a wife.


Issue 4, July 2012, Post-it Art

Issue 12, May 2013, Post-it Art, II