Kawsmouth is an old nickname for the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers, and the symbolic homeland of this website, which was created as a platform for writers, photographers and visual artists of all styles and backgrounds. Since its launch in 2012, Kawsmouth has featured original work from over 60 contributors, ranging from Best American Poets to some of the most obscure.

Kawsmouth offers an introspective look at our region’s past and a radical re-imagination of its future, shining a light on those who are currently challenging the status quo. We are interested in writing as an exchange of ideas and information, as art and experimentation, as self-expression and an act of faith. We aim to present works that come from a place of depth, research and reflection, but which can still be consumed in one setting.

Kawsmouth is an entirely independent and non-commercial operation. However, we welcome collaboration, and hope to be a supportive presence in the area’s creative ecology. For more information, please write kawsmouth@gmail.com.