Joseph Plese

While Jo[s]e[ph] Plese has an MFA in talking and writing about himself, he’s actualy terrible at crafting short, 3rd person descrptions of himself.  He was moved to Kansas when his mother discovered scorpions in his crib which probably explains why he’s never bonded with a scorpion.  He loves Kansas and Kansas City, though he considers Overand Park to be the soul of both.  The University of Kansas gave him two or three education degrees and Eastern Michigan University awarded him the aforementioned MFA.  His transcript says MFA in Drama/Theatre for the Young, but he calls it Applied Theatre or Educational Theatre or Solo Performance/Devised Performance.  He has taught preschool through graduate school, has worked as a guest artist with such distinguished groups as The University of Michigan and The Royal Shakespeare Company.  His academic work has been published, his dramatic writing purchased and produced, and every morning at 4:30 he wakes up in his parents house and heads off to work in cave filing tax documents for awful pay.


Issue 6, September 2012, She Tells Me to Call it Lenexa 2