Vincente Perez

As a Poet, activist, musician and more, Vincente “SubVersive” Perez focus on the lived experiences of race in America through several mediums. His work centers on Black and Latin@ experiences with a special emphasis on Hip-Hop, Spoken word, Narratives, and Identity Politics. Through a unique style of mixing political commentary, personal experience, and poetry, Perez does his best to challenge the idea that we live distinct political, social, and economic lives. Drawing on his experience growing up in Kansas City and going to school at the University of Chicago, SubVersive adapt to all audiences in relatable, entertaining, and informative ways. He is currently producing a comprehensive project titled B(lack)NESS & LATINI(dad): Liminality, which is a joint audio and print chapbook and finishing his senior year aiming for a Anthropology and Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies degree. For more information visit

September 23, 2015 — “The Talk”