Jennifer Wetzel

Jennifer is the site designer and photography editor of  She has worked as a freelance photographer since 2008.  Her professional focus is portraiture and interior photography, and her personal focus is just about anything interesting that catches her eye.  If you would like to schedule a contributor portrait session, please contact her at jennywetz(at) For examples of her photography, visit

Issue 1, April 2012, Coney Island Wintertide (photos)

Issue 3, June 2012, Beautiful Bathrooms

Issue 4, July 2010, Missouri: The Invisible Confederacy (photos)

Issue 6, September 2012, Artifacts

Issue 7, October 2012, Artifacts II

Issue 12, Structures of Swope Park, Part I

Issue 13, Waiting For Devin: A pre-mortem for a retrofitted airport (photos)

Issue 14, Winter 2013, Structures of Swope Park, Part II