Taylor Wallace


Taylor Wallace (b. 1991) in Anchorage, Alaska, is a photographer, poet, performance artist, and musician residing in an apartment situated on the heart-attack-of-post-structuralism of a moniker, “Oak Street, Kansas City, Missouri, 64111”. He came to find himself pursuing a B.F.A. double major in photography and creative writing at the Kansas City Art Institute through severely serendipitous circumstances, and has made money with disparate examples of jobs such as residential painting, freelance photography, vineyard harvester, handyman, and nearly auditioned for an adult film web series. A couple of nights ago, he was perplexed to find 5 momentary and shockingly sudden pinpricks of blue and red lights underneath his eyelids as he waited to fall asleep.

Issue 9, January 2013, Notes On the Real Deal