Lucas Wetzel

Lucas started with his wife, Jennifer, to provide creative writers and artists in the Kansas City area with a place to publish their work. He graduated from the University of Kansas with degrees in German, English and Journalism, and has also studied at the Universities of Bonn and Hamburg. He currently works as an associate editor at Universal Uclick, an international newspaper syndicate and digital content company that operates He regularly contributes to different publications, projects and collaborations, and he is currently a writer at the Charlotte Street Foundation’s studio residency program. You can read more of his writing at

Lucas enjoys the friendly interaction and new writing that working on Kawsmouth brings, and encourages you to submit.

Issue 3, June 2012, Palace of the Apes

Issue 7, October 2012, Crumblecake Metropolis

Issue 13, Fall 2013, Waiting For Devin: A pre-mortem for a retrofitted airport 

Issue 16, Fall 2014, 12 on 12th

September, 2015, Free Buses That Go Everywhere and Run All Night