Marguerite Sloan

I was born to a farm family and have been a farm girl and then farm wife.  I graduated from high school, but I did not have the opportunity for a college education other than a few months of business school.  I have been a secretary for a Ford car dealership and then later a school bus driver, but most of my out-of-home career has been a school secretary.  We have four children and three were fortunate to have college educations.  I enjoy painting pictures, photography, and most of all my horses and now my mule.  I also enjoy keeping a journal of my mule rides and in my spare time like to read them and relive the experiences.  I have found the older I become, the less I know about horses or mules. There is a saying, “I have spent most of my life riding, the rest I have just wasted”.   I have this plaque on my wall and it seems to describe my life.

Issue 12, May 2013, Through the Ears of a Mule