Matthew Brent Jackson

Matthew Brent Jackson is a Kansas City native who was born in Kansas and grew up three houses from the Missouri state line. He has traveled widely in both states and has been writing about the region for over twenty years. He is presently writing a novel about one of Quantrill’s raiders that fictionally explores the space between the Rockies and the Mississippi River in the mid 19th century.

February 2018, American Incognitum

Issue 1, April 2012, The Missouri Exile

Issue 4, July 2012, Missouri: The Invisible Confederacy

Issue 4, July 2012, Cover art

Issue 7, October 2012, Genuinely Artificial: The Art of Randy Regier

Issue 10, February 2013, Hillbilly Creation Myth: Part I

Issue 11, April 2013, Hillbilly Creation Myth: Part II

Issue 12, May 2013, Hillbilly Creation Myth: Part III

Issue 13, Fall 2013, Dennis Hopper Stays in Dodge City