Ex Unum, Pluribus!

During the heat of an election campaign, we invariably find ourselves drawing ideological boundaries between ourselves and other people, even as the media carves up the map into red, blue and so-called “battleground” states. In his hypothetical cartography project, Ex Unum, Pluribus!, designer Matt Kirkland takes this a step further, encouraging people to actually sit down and reimagine the United States of America. Hence the title, which reworks our national motto to “Out of one, many.” Matt explains:

Why a movement to dissolve the USA? We love America – we just think we’d get along better without such varied competing interests. A smaller, more regional government could better serve its constituents, with fewer conflicts.

Just think how varied we are as a nation – couldn’t we come to agreement quicker without all those differing viewpoints? Gun ownership means one thing in inner-city Baltimore, and another in rural Nebraska. Anti-smoking laws warm the hearts of liberal West Coasters, but inflame the minds of libertarian Montanans. We’re different, that’s all. After all — good fences make good neighbors.

A running project since April 2011, Ex Unum, Pluribus! is still accepting proposals. Click here to download a blank template and build your own United States. To visit the full gallery of proposals thus far and learn more about the project, visit the E.U.P. HQ.

Image credits: The top map is from Andy Pollak, who envisioned a more European style map where borders are formed by rivers. The map below is a Woody Guthrie inspired submission from Amber Stewart.

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