Search terms used to find Kawsmouth in 2012

Less than 1% of the traffic to this site is directed from search engines. Of that, over half are searches for “Kawsmouth” or the names of individual contributors. The rest is a puzzling mix of location details, existential questions, and typos. Some of these people might find what they’re looking for, but I’m guessing most of them don’t. The following is a selected presentation of terms and phrases that brought people to this site, arranged by line but otherwise unmodified.

raid on kansas missouri border

is there a cliff or hill in topeka ks

alone in her room

the palace of the apes

are you unpopular if you’re not in the yearbook

mark twain met jesse james true or false

midwest artifacts

trolls dolls key chains

most people think its easy neing christian

dressed to be forgotten

old troost avenue

revolver rusted shut

flooding and headstones

cage fighters around joplin missouri

what’s it like to be unpopular

abandoned amusement parks romania

secrets of lenexa caves

application to be a contestant actress

what is the name of where water was kept and you had to pull it up with a rope up

topeka fucking

something like a circus or a sewer

virgenteen age

catwoman in your room

kaws mouhth

monumental half used pencil

light lifting back sleeve

godzilla spitting fire

nearly titless

in kansas city mo can you carry a large knife on your hip

how to establish rules and regulations for membership for an plein air painting club

how many people are at coney island right now

confederate grave discovered in kansas city

where did caskets surface after the flood?

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