Issue 3: Monument

Palace of the Apes

by Lucas Wetzel

Almost a decade after its closing, the Great Ape House at the Kansas City Zoo remains one of the city’s most fascinating and controversial structures.

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The Peanut

by Brandon R. Reynolds

The Peanut is a bar on a corner, its door opening onto neither the one street nor the other. It is the little lord of the block, a true meeting place of pavement and people. Every time I walk outside to smoke, I am walking toward the crossroads, which belongs to no street, no place in the city.

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by Laura Gayle Green

cards with thanks
paper clips
binder clips
half-used pencils in need of a point

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The Linens

by Laura Gayle Green

The fabrics are old,
The hands of those who make the traveling quilts
Turned to dust years ago

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Beautiful Bathrooms

by Jennifer Wetzel

A photographic tour of the most memorable bathrooms from Missouri to Marrakesh.