The Center of a Smaller Universe

Trey Hock’s ongoing writing and photography series, “It All Amounts to Nothing,” presents a contemplative accumulation of small moments, brief philosophies, and photographed glimpses of the everyday. Hock, an Assistant Professor of Film and Creative Writing at the Kansas City Art Institute, presents these writings and pictures in beautiful handmade books, using a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera and meticulous bookmaking techniques to produce something that could easily fool you into thinking it was mass-produced. In the dozen dog-centric excerpts below, Hock measures his own existence against and alongside that of his dog, Mo. It’s an intimate, imaginative dialogue in which black holes and plastic bags of poop are given equal measure. The written pieces are displayed here with plenty of space between them, so be sure to continue scrolling until the closing photograph. For more information, please contact treyhock at





Categories: Essay, Poetry